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The possibilities are endless when you work with Love Curates Studio, calligraphing on a variety of mediums from paper, to wood, acrylic, leather, and other materials, transforming your product into a unique keepsake for the guests.


Elevate your guests’ self-expression and experience with our innovative and thrilling Surprise Gacha Temporary Tattoo!


We assure you smiles, laughter and squeals. Spreading joy one gacha at a time! Give it a spin, and walk away with a surprise tattoo designed by Love Curates Studio. Our temporary tattoos are made from high-quality, skin-friendly materials, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all.


Art Exhibition @ Curbside Crafters

"A Peculiar Bond" | 21-23 June 2022 

In June 2022, Quan Mei exhibited her original botanical illustrations and art pieces alongside many other local budding artists and makers. Her artworks for the exhibition highlighted three messages that struck a chord with her:

There's beauty in the darkest nights.

Run your race, grow at your own pace.

The light you see in others is within you too.

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