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It is always a blessing to be able to bless others. Our goal is to bring smiles and joy to our loved ones, all around Singapore, especially during this tough period.


We all know that snail mail finds a very special place in people's hearts. A simple personalized, handwritten letter they find in their mailbox might just brighten up their day, no matter what battles they are fighting everyday. 


What comes around goes around, and hoping that with The Blessing Mail, Singapore will be a friendlier and more loving country. 

Surprise them with a special message to show them that they are loved and cared for! If you want to stay anonymous or have no idea what to write, we will do the job for you :) 

Be a blessing to others

Option 1

Select from 8 designs that have been specially designed and printed on quality A5 matte card

Black & White Series

1. Faith Hope Love 

2. Faith

3. Hope 

4. Love

Pink & Florals Series

1. Love never fails (florals)

2. Love never fails (lettering)

3. Where flowers bloom so does hope

4. Love


Option 2

If you prefer more neutral or colourful designs, here are some A6 folded cards.


Designs will be chosen randomly (of course matching as much as possible to the recipient's gender and preferences) 




"My friends received their blessing mails and they loved it!" - llya

"I just received your card and I just wanted to say that it looks GREEEAT! I'm amazed at how consistent and pretty the handwriting is :') Thank you for being a blessing and allowing me to connect with my friends during this period" - Charlotte

"Hi, just wanted to let you know that my husband received the blessing mail and he loves it. Thank you so much!" - Geraldine

"Thanks for sending on behalf of my friend and the packaging and words and writing so chio!!! Really love it!" - Amanda

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