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Our wooden signages are most commonly ordered to celebrate special occasions like anniversaries, weddings, housewarming, and birthdays! Be it to incorporate them into your wedding and home decor, or as a gift for a loved ones, they make each life occasion meaningful and unique. Each wooden signage is specially designed to your liking and hand-painted onto the wooden signage itself to retain that personal and handcrafted feel. Every wooden signage is sealed with a matte layer of varnish that is UV and water resistant so that the artwork can be long-lasting for your event or in your homes. 

As each piece is customisable and handcrafted, do take note that the lead time for each wooden signage is at least 4 weeks. If you need it by a specific deadline, do order in advance! Should you need additional advice or have any queries, email us me at or  drop me a DM on instagram (@lovecurates)

Wooden Signage Sizes

- Round Wooden Signages (20cm, 30cm, 40cm, 50cm)

- Rectangle Wooden Signages (A4, A3, A2, A1)

Wooden Signage Shade

- Caramel Light Brown

Walnut Dark Brown

Wooden Signage Designs

- No illustrations; words only

- Botanical Illustrations (our expertise)

- Custom illustrations (your preferred design)

How to mount / display your Wooden Signage?

- Table easel will be given for every purchase of 20cm, 30cm, A5, and A4 sized signages

- 3M Command Velcro Hanging Strips will be given for every purchase of 40cm, 50cm, A3, A2, and A1 sized signages

- FREE easel rental for your wedding weekend (self-collection) for every purchase of 50cm, A2, and A1 sized signages




This is an extremely light-weight vintage gold easel that comes with adjustable knobs on it so that you can adjust the display height. It fits both portrait and landscape signs alike, even round ones like 50cm.


*The wooden sign on the left is a A1 sized wooden signage, while the wooden signages on the right are A2 sized.

For every purchase of 50cm, A2 and A1 sized wooden signages, you get to rent this easel for FREE for your wedding weekend (up to 3 days).



This rustic wooden easel comes in a pretty shade of walnut dark brown and has an adjustable latch to fit different signage sizes. It fits both portrait and landscape signs alike. For round signages, the Vintage Gold Easel would be a better option. 


*The wooden sign in the photos is a A1 sized wooden signage.

For every purchase of 50cm, A2 and A1 sized wooden signages, you get to rent this easel for FREE for your wedding weekend (up to 3 days).


"My friend shared that she loves it as well as the card that you wrote. Thank you so much for going the extra mile even with the packaging, Quan Mei :) I will definitely keep Love Curates in mind when it comes to gifting others with meaningful gifts from now on. "

- Faith (20cm round wooden signage)

"I received the signs this morning, and my fiance and I love them! Thanks very much for working on them! They will be very beautiful deco pieces at our wedding and later on at our new home"

- Wanda (A4 wooden signage)

"Omgosh, they are really amazingly beautiful! Thank you so much for creating them. I really cannot wait to display them! Thank you so much again! I really wanna purchase more in future!"

- Ann (A3 and A4 wooden signages)

"Thank you so much for this especially your thoughtfulness! Really appreciate it. Really want to thank you for accommodating too! I'm blessed to meet vendors who are really nice for my wedding!"

- Atasha (A4 wooden signage)

"So many people were singing your praises! Thank you so much again"

- Camille (A1 wooden signage)

"My friend has received it and love the wooden signage and personalised note as well! God shall continue to cause all the things that you set your hamds upon to prosper!"

- Rachel (30cm round wooden signage)

"We love it! It's beautiful. Thank you so much again! Once our reno is completed, I'll be hanging near the main door."

- Rosheni (30cm round double-sided wooden signage)

"Thank you for the package and your beautiful works. It really reminded me amidst all the craziness. Thank you! You have no idea what it means to me :') Your message is also so sweet!"

- Sherlene (A4 rectangle + 30cm round wooden signages)

"Thank you for your wonderful gift of crafts and calligraphy - the sweet wooden plaque really added a nice touch to our 1 Jan's wedding day decor!"

- Carolyn (20cm round wooden signage)

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