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Why not add a touch of tradition and elegance to your celebrations with bespoke handwritten Chinese calligraphy couplets?


Elevate your festivities and create memorable moments for your guests and loved ones. Let's make this Chinese New Year an artistic and unforgettable experience!



Each consolidated order comes with 1 premium tube packaging. If you require more tube packaging for different couplets, do let me know (additional costs might apply).



Opt for self-collection OR doorstep courier only, as the tube packaging will not fit into letterboxes.


Preorder schedule:

- Order by 17 Jan --> Receive by 26 Jan

- Order by 24 Jan --> Receive by 2 Feb

- Order by 31 Jan --> Receive by 7 Feb


Payment: It would mean a lot to me if you could choose the "cash" payment option to pay via paylah/paynow. It could help me save up on the transaction fees! :) 

Chinese Calligraphy Square Couplets


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